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Why you need to start resistance training

So many women are fed up! Sick of trying time and time again to loose weight and keep it off. Then they hit their 40s and sometimes even 30s and they just resort to thinking that they’re ‘past it’. Or they think, ‘oh, I’m a mum now, I can’t do that’. AHHHHH! I just want to hug you all and say, YES YOU CAN! (No matter what your age, 50, 60, 70!) I used to be like that, I tried all the shakes and diets, and when I think back to everything I did to try and ‘feel’ good about myself, I CRINGE! A BIG reason I stay lean and toned all year round is because I lift weights. I don’t lift extremely heavy weights but I do lift weights that are challenging for me. I eat clean MOST of the time and really love healthy, nourishing food, however, I do allow myself to eat treats if I really want them because life is to be lived! I can’t explain how free I feel after years of obsessing over what I ate. I have got to the point of having this freedom because not only I changed the way I thought about food but I also turned my body into a fat burning machine. If you want to boost your fat burning capabilities, resistance training is a great place to start (like the workouts that are in my programs).

More Effective Fat Loss

When comparing cardiovascular exercise with resistance training, resistance training wins the award for the most calories burnt. A huge benefit of weight training is your bodies ability to burn fat during and after exercise. After a session of weight training your body can continue to burn calories for hours and sometimes days after you’ve finished. Anyone that wants to loose body fat and keep it off, should be doing some sort of resistance training.

Boosted Metabolism

As you increase your lean muscle mass your bodies BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) increases. Your BMR is the amount of calories your body burns at rest. So by having more lean muscle mass you are burning more calories even before you add activity.

Better Tone

So many girls opt to reducing their calories to dangerously low levels trying to attain a lean, toned figure. I spent years doing this, but you don’t end up with the shape you’re after. You end up being what has been nicknamed ‘skinny fat’, meaning by over dieting your body has just wasted away muscle, which makes you smaller in size but not necessarily lower in body fat, healthy or getting you the results you were after. If you’re a smaller size and still feel like your carrying too much fat, it could just mean that you need to stop dieting and start training and eating to build muscle. This will give you a beautiful shape and rev your metabolism to burn fat. I restricted calories for years! I hated my bum, I had it in my head that it was fat so I would try anything to loose weight. No matter how much weight I lost though I was never happy with my butt. I could never seem to loose the saddlebags. Not only did I feel tired and just yuck, from starving myself I didn’t get the results from all my deprivation. Once I started to eat more, feeding my muscles and incorporated resistance training, I was amazed at my booty transformation! It completely changed shape, it was more perkier and I lost the cellulite I had. So if you’re after tone, its time to pick up some weights.

Noticeable Progress

When I was younger my family used to make fun at my lack of strength. They would all burst out laughing when my hand would shake profusely while I lifted the teapot off the table to fill my cup! Now, I always get a sense of achievement when I lift a weight that I never thought possible. It’s very rewarding and it really shows how far you’ve come. You will notice how everyday tasks become easier, especially when pushing a full trolley through an uneven carpark!

Health Perks

Resistance training comes with so many benefits for your health. It prevents cardiovascular related diseases, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and depression, lowers your risk of breast cancer, improves cholesterol, improves balance, improves sleep quality, decreases PMS, increases energy and it also helps preserve bone and muscle loss as we age, decreasing our risk of osteoporosis.

If you are thinking that you can’t do it, that you’re too old, too weak, too *insert excuse here* you just need to start at your ability level. I was extremely weak when I started, and if I can do it, you can too! So what are you waiting for? Download my program today and start taking action to get strong, healthy, fit, energetic and confident in your bikini!

NOTE * You will not get bulky, I know you are concerned because you have seen girls with a lot of muscle, maybe too much for your liking, but they train SO HARD, and eat a VERY specific diet to achieve this. Don’t miss out on the benefits of weight/resistance training because of this fear.


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