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Why you need to drop a dress size…

If you opened up this blog all fired up from the title, give me a minute to explain.

Today I had a personal training client come into my gym with a massive smile on her face. Something about her had changed. When I complemented her on how amazing she looked and how happy she seemed, she shared something with me that brightened my day.

Over the years (lets call her Amy) got busy. Busy with her life, her kids, the housework, her job, and just stopped taking care of herself. The weight slowly crept on and before she knew it, she was a couple of dress sizes bigger. This played a major role in her confidence or lack of it. She no longer felt comfortable on the beach, at her job, going out with friends, and in her marriage. She even stopped having sex with her husband! Because when a women doesn’t feel sexy, her behaviour changes. When she shared this with me it really made me feel sad that she had felt so down about herself.

As she was sharing with me of how much her life had changed from dropping a dress size it really hit me of HOW important it is, to feel confident. Amy’s weight gain deteriorated her confidence SO much, that it was affecting most areas in her life! Everyday!

I’m not saying you have to look good to feel confident, but in Amy’s case she did. Since she made the commitment to herself, taking back control of her weight and her health, her appearance changed dramatically and thats because she was feeling confident and happy. She was standing tall and radiant! It’s not just her appearance thats got her feeling more confident either. Since Amy started weight training she started feeling empowered by lifting weights and doing things in the gym that she never thought she could, which has had a knock-on affect into her life. This is why I love what I do!!!

You may not need to drop a dress size, maybe you need to put weight on, feel stronger and fitter, increase your energy or just need to tone up a little, whatever it is thats stopping you from feeling your best, it can be changed. But it starts with YOU.

If you would like me to help you make a positive change in your life, you can head to my website to download my ebooks, or send me an email to discuss what the best path for you would be to get started.


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