Personalised Program – 2 Weeks

WHAT DOES ONLINE TRAINING INVOLVE? Online training is a great way to get PERSONALIZED coaching for a fraction of the price of personal training. Your program will be designed SPECIFICALLY for you to meet your needs and your goals. This means it doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced athlete or you’ve never exercised before in your life! You will receive your tailored training, nutrition and supplementation programs, as well as constant support throughout your journey. You will get weekly check-ins with me to receive feedback and any adjustments to your current program if needed. We are aiming to get you the best results possible! HOW MUCH DOES ONLINE TRAINING COST? I charge $80 Australian per week for online coaching. You will need to pay 2 weeks in advance and make weekly repayments there after. WHAT IS THE MINIMUM TIME I HAVE TO COMMIT TO? The minimum commitment time is 4 weeks, however I strongly encourage you give yourself 3 months before making any decisions.


*If you are a new mummy, please make sure you have obtained clearance from your doctor before starting any exercise program.