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Make a lasting change to your lifestyle and health with a personalised program

For greatest benefit from a fitness program, I offer my sought-after personalised online coaching service.  As a fully qualified personal trainer, post natal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, this is where I really get to know you one to one. I find out many things about you: eating habits, food intolerances, fitness aspirations, obstacles, preferences and generally how you tick.  Then I put together an exercise and eating plan that is realistic, in line with your goals and lifestyle, and specific to you.

And when I say I design a personalised program, that is exactly what I mean. With all the nuances tailored to your circumstances, lifestyle and goals.  You will not be receiving a generic program dressed up as ‘personalised’ from me!

I put a lot of time and effort into directing your journey to health and fitness each week to help you really achieve those seemingly out-of-reach goals.  We stay in touch via email and telephone whenever needed.  It’s up to you to follow the program—let the onus be on me to direct you to obtain maximum results.

What is it like working with me?

As you probably know, I am a busy mother with a family of six children in my household.  I know all too well about the many time and energy obstacles that are a constant potential barrier to achieving my goals.  So when it comes to working with my many amazing clients and hearing about their barriers, I can vehemently nod my head and say, ‘I get it’.  Because I really do.  And yet, I continue to strive and achieve despite these barriers because my biggest approach to obstacles is ‘let’s work around it’.  When you team up with me, this approach will increasingly become second nature to you too.

Above all, I am there as a source of both challenge and constant support to help you overcome those ultimate mental barriers—such as fear and low self-esteem—which come creeping in for all of us at some point.  I help you maintain a strong mindset, address anything you’re struggling with, and help you stay consistent and on track.

I take on the responsibility of devising a program for you that is workable and realistic, and goal-orientated.  You can expect to be challenged, but always at the level you are at.  So I’d have a very different approach if you’re a mum who is exhausted from sleepless nights but wants to kickstart her fitness, to if you are an aspiring bodybuilding competitor.  I happily accommodate for both camps and everybody else in between.

I know that not everyone can make it to the gym, and not everyone has a fully equipped home gym at their disposal either.  If you do, great—we’ll work it in!  If not, I can devise a fitness program with even a small number of things you have in the home.

No matter where you’re at with your health and fitness, get in touch to start a personalised program directly with me.

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Your Journey

it all starts with a decision from you…

Many people begin their health and fitness journey by focusing on diet, and oftentimes get stuck right there.  Now I’m not against the many forms of diets out there, but a truly holistic program completes the loop with an appropriate exercise program that supports your goals, exercise preferences and lifestyle. And most importantly, one you find personally enjoyable.

Where things fall down for most people is when they second guess themselves about their choices, don’t stay consistent and work ‘blindly’ towards something they hope might work for them.  A lack of support when they need it at difficult moments is often the undoing of something they had begun.  Then it’s a matter of self-motivating to start something new.


By working with me, you get that ‘missing link’: a constant source of professional help, advice and support while working through a well-thought-out program towards some very tangible results.  Yes, the results include looking better in the mirror: being toned and trim.  But results also lie in increased confidence and the increase in strength and energy you feel—this energises you for all other aspects of your life with more zest than you thought possible.

As we progress through the program, bear in mind there will be peaks and troughs throughout.  I am prepared to guide you through all those tricky bits.  You can expect to start really seeing and feeling the results just four weeks into your program.  Typically, good habits start to really kick in at the three-month mark, and you consolidate your groove over the following months.

But you know what? The mind is a fickle thing and likes to seek out novelty.  That is why with my program, things are never boring.  And after you have achieved your goals, we revise your program and look at creating new goals to work towards.  I vary up your program so you always have new things to look forward to.

I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.  I have even worked with people who knew nothing about how gym equipment works ultimately go on to achieve the level of fitness where they participate in bikini competitions.

Remember that your achievements on the program give me a buzz too and give me reason to stay every bit as committed to you as you are committed to my program.  So let’s do this thing together.



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