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Mums that don’t have time for exercise


It’s a question I get asked a lot.

‘How do you fit it in?’

But before I go onto saying the things you’ve probably already heard before

like ‘Making it a priority’

I want you to know that

I get it.

I KNOW how mums feel.

I know how it feels to constantly feel like you’re last

to feel like you’re never really on top of things

to feel like everyday is a damn race against the clock

to feel tired all the time

to feel like balance doesn’t exist

to feel like maybe it would just be easier to wait the 20 or 30 years until the kids left home to start doing the things you want…..

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mum

Its THE BEST thing I’ve ever done

BUT for years

I neglected myself and let me tell you, that doesn’t make you a better mum.

95% of my work emails, messages and phone calls all come from mums

and I hear the same stories over and over.

“I just don’t have time’

“I don’t have the energy”

“I don’t think I can do it, even if I wanted to”

“I’m exhausted, the last thing I feel like doing is working out”

“My body doesn’t work the way it used to”

But they all have the desire to change – they’re not happy or somethings missing – they reached out for a reason!

They’re just scared of spending their precious time on something they THINK they will fail at

They all want to feel strong, fit and energetic

they all want to feel sexy and confident

So I work with them,

I help to change their perception and mindset.

I help mums go from hating exercise and viewing it as a chore

to LOVING it, and viewing it as ‘their’ time

I help them to start loving themselves again

And they ALL change

They get more energy

more confident




And people notice

they get compliments because something changed in them…

So, if you’re a mum

and you’re sick of saying ‘one day’

and you’re ready to take ACTION

I will teach you.

I’m taking on 10 more girls for personalised on-line coaching

This is not for girls that are still on the fence,

I want girls that are ready to make a commitment to themselves

If that’s you, simply send me a message

and I will contact you personally to get you started.
Spaces are limited.


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