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Food, Tequila and Tan lines

Walking back into my gym on Sunday morning felt great! I had REALLY missed training over the last 2 weeks that we had been in New York and Cancun. I knew it was going to hurt but I was excited to get back into it. There is something about smelling the rubber in my gym first thing in the morning that makes me feel motivated and ready for the workout ahead. After I had scribbled our workout for the day on the whiteboard, my husband and I set up for our first set of deadlifts. I loaded my ‘warm up’ weight onto the bar and pushed out my first set. “OMG!” I panted as I placed the bar back on the floor. “My heart is beating out of my chest! That was just the warm up!” Rip laughed and took my place after loading some more weight to the bar. He didn’t have to say anything, I knew he was struggling too. We struggled through the rest of the workout and HATED every minute of it. The following morning wasn’t much better either. I set out a circuit, mindful of our sore muscles and lack of fitness but once again, we struggled, we felt crap, unmotivated, sore and were mumbling profanities every couple of minutes.

For those that know me, know I LOVE to train. My husband and I get up early most mornings and head into our home gym. It always makes me feel accomplished, fresh, motivated and positive for the day ahead, but 2 weeks off, a lot of indulging and mixed with a bit of jet lag has left us on struggle street.

The last 2 weeks feel like a dream now. We were stellar tourists, ticking off all the main tourist attractions around New York. We ate in the most AMAZING restaurants, eating three courses nearly every night because we were so excited to taste the food – (it was that good), we indulged in famous bakeries around the city, and ate ‘the best pizza in the United States’ and ‘the best ice-cream in New York’, I had a hot dog at a baseball game and tried a pretzel off the street (probably the only thing I didn’t like). Just when I thought I couldn’t eat anymore, we went to Cancun. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which just so happened to have one of the best buffets I have seen. But it didn’t stop there. Enter, the cocktails! While soaking up the sun on a breathtaking, beautiful beach we constantly had waiters come up to us, trying to convince us to have cocktails or “mexican water” aka tequila. It didn’t take much convincing. After all how often are you lying on the beach in Cancun, 6 friends, pinching themselves at the fact that we were even there in the first place. After ALOT of eating, drinking and cracking up laughing it was time to go home.

30 hours later, we walked in our front door and felt exhausted and dreary but also excited to see our children again.

Whilst we are back to reality now, and not feeling our physical best I don’t regret a thing I ate or drank. So many people think that I am a perfectionist with my diet and training but I’m not. I’m just like everybody else. Life is to be lived and if you have an amazing opportunity to try delicious food, or a special occasion to celebrate, do it! Just know that yes, its going to hurt getting back into training and yes it will effect your results, you may plateau or even take a few steps backwards but you have to suck it up and put in the hard work to get yourself back on track. Life will often get in the way of your goals, sometimes for the good, like an amazing holiday or sometimes the bad, like catching the flu, you just have to make the commitment to yourself to make up for it. I know I’m going to struggle through my workouts over the next few weeks but experience tells me I’ll be back to loving it before I know it!


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