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Carbohydrate Timing and Fat Los

Carbs…. What’s the big fuss?

I’ll try to keep this short and simple, as I know how time poor we all are, but I feel this is really important for you to know if you are trying to lose body fat. A more comprehensive explanation can be found in my e-books.

When we consume carbohydrates, think breads, potatoes, sugar, rice, pasta, dried fruit and chocolate, our body converts them to glucose. Too much glucose in our bloodstream can be toxic so we produce a hormone called insulin. Insulin takes the glucose out of our blood, but then it has to store it somewhere. It can go to 3 places; our muscles, our liver or our fat cells.

Normally our muscles have full glycogen stores unless we have just trained and our liver can only take a small amount, so you guessed it, that leaves our fat cells. Dang! How can we combat this you ask? Carbohydrate timing has become increasingly popular recently, and its based on the knowledge that if we eat carbs straight after training (within a 2 hour window) the glycogen in our blood will replenish the glycogen stores in our muscles, instead of storing it in our fat cells. Can I hear an Amen! It also helps your muscles to recover from your workout.

Carbohydrates are important for energy and they also play a role in recovery so we shouldn’t avoid them. I’m like most people, I don’t measure out my macronutrients or count calories, I just make sure that at least one meal a day has no starchy carbs. Doing this gives your body’s fat burning mechanism a chance to turn on so you are burning fat for energy.

So to wrap up, have most of your carbohydrates straight after training, have a meal without them and have a small amount with your remaining meal. On your training days you can have slightly more and on your rest days decrease your carbohydrate portion and increase your protein.

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Love Tee xx


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