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Whatever, path you took to arrive at my site, I’m so glad you’re here.

My first attempt at working out, I found myself to be so weak and unfit, I felt like I was going to keel over and have a heart attack! It wasn’t enjoyable at all. Every excruciating minute I was exercising there was an internal battle going on. One side of me saying ‘C’mon! You want to look hot in your bikini, you’ve got to work for it’ ‘No pain, no gain’ and the other side screaming ‘For the love of God, STOP!’ ‘Who cares what you look like, you’re just not an athletic person, just accept it’ As a PT I hear how so many people give up because they hate it, feel like they can’t do it and resort to the fact that they’ll never get the body that they feel confident in.

They’re left with a negative experience which makes them even more hesitant to try again. I remember all too well what it feels like, how hard it seems, feeling like you’ve got so far to go,doubting your ability and believing that you’ll never get there. What if I told you that it’s POSSIBLE to get your dream bod? One that you feel super confident in, one that you’re not worried about ‘what’s hangin’ out’ so you could just enjoy being at the beach or by the pool.

What if you could get a body that felt strong and fit and full of energy, one that can get you through the day without feeling like you need a nap? I’m here to tell you, it’s totally possible and I’ll help you get there. My experience of starting out exercise, has inspired me to write these programs. I designed them so you can achieve them, which will start building your confidence and help rewrite those bad thought patterns in your head when it comes to exercise. Trust me, if I can do it, you can.

I just need you to make the commitment to yourself and the program and I’ll do my best to help you get there!

My Story

journey to confidence and health….

I’d been conscious of my body and the way it looked ever since puberty – out of proportion; skinny arms, flat-chested and a flabby butt! In high school my friends teased me about one part of my anatomy or the other: “You’ve got no boobs!” or “Your butt is wide!”.

Unfortunately those negative comments stuck with me as an impressionable teenager; I started to believe them. Even if offered a compliment those negative thoughts remained, those nasty remarks from others and soon enough, they became my beliefs, what I told myself. In my head, that’s how I looked.

Finishing high school I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and my Gynaecologist wanted me to take male hormones in the hope it would stop my period. After investigations of my own, reading the long list of side effects, I decided to start a family with my husband as falling pregnant was something that could benefit my condition. I suffered a miscarriage which caused a lot of worry that I may never be able to have children but again I fell pregnant and this time it was different; I gave birth a beautiful little girl and then went on to have three more children as the years passed. So now I run a busy household with four children plus I‘ve also been blessed with two step-children – yes, that’s six children!
Reflecting back, with each pregnancy and birth cycle I’d desperately try to lose the “baby weight”, aiming to be in shape as quick as I could. I fixated on every fad diet there was; low-fat, high-carb, no-fat, low-carb, no sugar, no fruit and shakes – you name it, I tried it. Still young, I struggled with the changes in my body, each pregnancy taking its toll and I’d compare myself to other women my age which added fuel to my distorted views on health and my body. My quest for the perfect version of me was consuming and draining. I noticed with the birth of my third child that I became very tired – not just sleepy from midnight feeds and nappy changes – and even after sufficient rest, exhaustion still dragged me down.

Months went by and the fatigue stayed, so I convinced myself it was because I cared for three children, two step-children and had all the work that comes with raising such a large family; not because my diet was void of good fats and good food. As time went on I knew something was wrong – my diet and lack of nutrition caused my health to suffer. I even tried to run, because I had heard exercise increases energy, but it was too hard. Primary school kids could’ve run further than I could. Then one day I sat down with one of my closest friends who had been seeing a holistic Health Coach for some years; she looked fantastic, shiny hair, clear eyes, always full of energy. Confessing my problems, she told me I should come along, see if her Health Coach could look into my no-fat diet and find the problem.
My first meeting with the holistic Health Coach was confronting. He pulled no punches with me, sugar coated absolutely nothing and the home truths came thick and fast. My face flushed with heat I was that embarrassed but I listened intently, ready to change my ways; my quest for unhealthy skinniness. I had to re-write old thought patterns, change the ingrained beliefs I’d taught myself: if you eat fat you will get fat! He told me he could help if I followed his advice and started by eating more food. He suggested I eat good quality fat and carbohydrates along with clean unprocessed foods.

I went shopping, purchased organic butter, nuts and avocados and devoured them over the weeks, all the while continually checking myself in the mirror, glancing over my shoulder, inspecting my bum to see if it grew bigger. It didn’t.

He started to train me and quickly found out I couldn’t do one body weight squat unassisted; I was weak and very unfit. There in front of him stood a woman in her late twenties that had the fitness level of an elderly lady and again, I became embarrassed, shocked even at what I’d become – I had no muscle to speak of, no strength. He took the time and “progressively overloaded” my workouts; I started off at a basic level and trained consistently. Quickly, I noticed changes in my body and my energy started to increase. For the first time in my life I felt fit, strong and confident in myself.

Years have passed and I‘m now a Personal Trainer. I love what I do. I’m passionate about health and fitness, proper nutrition and I have a burning desire to help others. There’s a lot of misinformation and even conflicting information out there and many people are confused but I believe once a person re-educates, striving for health through good nutrition and exercise is quite easy. I no longer count calories, worry about food or starve myself, I feel energetic, and confident! Something I NEVER thought that I would feel.

Now after reading my journey; where I came from and where I am now, I hope it gives you the motivation and the belief that you too can turn your body, mind and lifestyle around and reap the benefits. I created these programs with you in mind, setting you up for success and finally getting a body that gives you the confidence and energy to live life to the fullest! I want to help you be the best version of you!


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