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welcome to my page

Whatever, path you took to arrive at my site, I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m guessing you’ve landed here because you want to feel good in your bikini, enjoy getting dressed in the morning, and to be the confident person you’ve always wanted to be. If thats the case, you’ve come to the right place. You deserve to feel confident in your body and to be the best version of YOU. Let me help you, I can’t wait to get you started.

Tee xx

BEWARE – Side effects of my programs may cause an increased level in fitness and energy levels, an increase in strength, well being, confidence and zest for life.


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Make a lasting change to your lifestyle and health with a personalised program. I am here to help.



A workout routine that is suitable for people that love to workout. Focus is on taking your fitness to the next level and turn your body into a fat burning furnace.



A workout routine that is suitable for people that are just starting out. This program is perfect for people who are new to training and want to lose fat whilst at the same time toning their body.



A workout routine that is suitable for intermediates. Focus on burning body fat and a building a toned body.

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from my happy clients

Karlee S.

I have been a new client of Tenille’s this year and it has been the best decision I have made for my body and my health. It’s more the mind set that gets me, feeling strong feels so good no matter what you look like on the outside. Knowing that only a few months ago the weights I thought were so heavy I was incapable of even trying I can do with ease now is so cool. And of course that’s all thanks to Tenille’s motivation and training otherwise there is no way I could ever do this myself!

Tenille is so supportive and really cares about her clients, not only their bodies but their minds too which sets her apart from the rest. Anyway, big thank you to Tenille and you’re stuck with me for a while I think haha xo

Seraya L.

I started training with Tenille at the end of 2016 when I moved home from a tiring & strenuous few years of working away, I was recently engaged to my now husband, and dreamt of that “dream body” for my wedding day. I went to Tenille with a knee injury that I had suffered from ‘my whole life’ and noted to her that I’m happy to just work around it. Immediately after this conversation, Tee referred me to a well known Physio on the Coast, liaised with him directly regarding my results & two years later I am back to 100%, a place I never thought I could get back to after suffering with pain for so long.

Training with Tee has completely changed my mindset about exercise, for someone that used to find a reason why I shouldn’t exercise, Tenille has helped me change my lifestyle where my focus is now on what I can achieve and how I can get there, one step at a time. Tenille’s knowledge and guidance on nutrition has also played a huge part of me seeing results and achieving the goals I set, not only for my wedding but in my everyday life. I eat more now than I ever did, and am leaner and much more energetic. This process was hard for me, but trusting in Tee and her passion of health & fitness assured me I was making the right choices. Tee’s constant support, down to earth personality, wealth of knowledge & ability to make all of her clients feel worthy & able is what sets her apart from everyone else. I am lucky enough to have found a beautiful, caring & hilarious friend in Tenille & her positivity shines through in every aspect of her life, even at training at 4:30am. I can’t thank Tee enough for everything she’s has given me without even knowing it – confidence, strength, courage & a whole new positive outlook on life!

Rebecca W.

I had neglected myself for quite some time, and got myself to a point where I was physically unhealthy and mentally struggling with how I looked and felt, and it was really starting to affect how I lived my life and how I interacted with my loved ones, I knew I needed to do something about it.  I also knew I couldn’t do it alone, and that’s when I come across Tenille’s Instagram page, I immediately knew she was relatable and most importantly an empowering force for women and mothers.  I didn’t hesitate to contact her and since then she has become that empowering force to me, the voice and the drive I desperately needed and recognised in her Instagram.  Tenille has not only helped me shed 7 kilos so far but also changed my body shape! Something that I never thought could happen for me especially after having two children and being over 40!! Tenille knows the unique needs of the female body especially for women who have had children, and through her immerse professionalism, knowledge and compassion knew what it took to help me achieve my goals.

Tenille has helped me turn my mindset around, increase my confidence, re-learn good eating, build my physical and inner strength and once again believe in myself!  Tenille is THE example, the inspiration, the real deal. She is one amazing coach and absolute super star ! Thank you Tenille for supporting, inspiring and believing in me! Cant wait to continue my health journey and goals with you, xx

Bondi Ink Star – Teneile Napoli

Before  I met Tenille I was in a pretty dark place mentally and physically I had no energy. I was running my own business with 9 staff and single Mum of 2 beautiful kids. I was not showing up mentally to the best of my ability. After I met Tenille I now feel vibrant switched on and energy to boot! I feel amazing not only physically but mentally. This has effected the environment of all around me in such a positive way. Tenille is an amazing physical trainer and a gifted inspirational coach. Tenille has helped me with my confidence and coaches me to be the best me!  Being healthy physically sets up the mind to follow suit.  To top it of her life philosophy gives me wings! Thank you so much Tenille you have done more for me than you could ever know love you lady!

Also now my bum doesn’t sit down my legs she’s popped up where she used to be when I was in my 20s ha ha ha ha my bum also thanks you Tenille ☺

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